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Conditions at the LTS can be harsh, particularly during the summer. Additionally, they can change quickly with flash flooding. Keep this and the following in mind during visits to the LTS:

  • Before arriving to the LTS, make sure you have adequate water, sunscreen, gas, and the proper equipment.
  • Pay attention to trail conditions, which have the potential to change rapidly due to weather.
  • Flash flooding can occur very quickly during thunderstorms. Be aware of changing weather conditions.
  • Trails frequently go along cliffs and large hills. When riding, drive carefully, slowing down when you are unable to see the terrain ahead because it could be very dangerous.

More on Conditions
All trails are not created equal, and this is true within the LTS. The main trails tend to be flatter and are more likely to be graded regularly. They also tend to be wider, and are therefore appropriate for beginner skill levels. Other trails are less likely to be graded, have steeper grades, and sharper turns. These are appropriate for those with intermediate OHV skills. Finally, some trails are most appropriate for those with advanced skill levels, because the terrain, grades, and turns make them very challenging.

Trail conditions can change rapidly! It is important to keep in mind that trails may not be as easy to navigate as was previously the case.