Here's how to get to the LTS. For a detailed map, click here:

From I-15, take Nevada Hwy 169 toward Logandale/ Overton.

Turn right on Liston Rd.

Follow the road to the right, and cross the railroad track.

Follow the road into the LTS.

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The Logandale Trails System (LTS) contains over 200 miles of trails, suitable for a variety of OHV types, as well as hiking and horseback riding. Be sure to respect the land and its resources during your visit. Otherwise, the LTS will lose what makes it a fantastic place for recreation.

The LTS offers a unique recreation opportunity in Southern Nevada, with the opportunity to see rare plants and animals and petroglyphs left hundreds of years ago by inhabitants of the area. In order to protect the resources that make the LTS a special place, visitors have a responsibility to act in a way that is sustainable. Learn more...

7.24.09 - Logandale Trails launches web site!

The LTS offers a variety of activities in a rugged and remote desert setting. Maybe riding an ATV is your way to unwind? Organizing a picnic? Looking at the stars during a camping trip? Below are ways to find all of these and more in the LTS.
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Enjoy the LTS by staying on marked trails and admiring resources without touching them. Take out everything you brought with you to the site. If your follow these simple instructions, the LTS will be available to enjoy for years to come.
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